Sesame Chicken

Bun Lemongrass Curry


You may be wondering how the Taylor family opened a Thai restaurant. Well its kinda  funny story, I met Sawalee in Florida while I attended a High School reunion.  One of my good friends brought her as a date.  Long story short, I married her and my friend  hasn't talked to me since.  I found out through our courtship that she had owned a Thai restaurant in Oklahoma and had hopes of opening up another.  Well I was sold on the idea after about a week of her cooking .  Now you will see my wife, myself and our kids really trying our best to serve you the best Thai food at a reasonable price.  We hope you love it as much as we do... 


  • Gang Ma Sa Mun
  • Mango Seafood Delight
  • Grilled Beef Salad
  • Super Crazy Crispy Pad Thai
  • MEE Siam 
  • Tom Yum Fried Rice

  • House Seafood Special

  • Lai Thai Combo

  • Satay & Spring Rolls


Sawalee Thamavechmongkol is from Chonburi Thailand.  Chonburi is located southeast of Bankok along the the Bay of Thailand.  She attended the Burapa University where she majored in History (mostly at the request of her father who is a history fanatic).  She then went on to achieve her Masters Degree in Business.  She has worked all over the world in different capacities but nothing quite suited her as much as cooking meals and seeing smiles on the people.  So now, here she is, cooking for the good people of Grand Rapids.  Do yourself a favor and come try some great Thai cuisine and be sure to say hello to "Gi" (thats her nickname).

‚ÄčLai Thai Kitchen